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Our Organization

The Truth Sanctuary is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in Yakima, WA. We are a DBA of Tabernacle of God Ministries of Dillon, SC, which was established in 1994. Our directors have decades of experience in disaster relief, food distribution, critical incident response, and social work.

We have partnered with national retailers who generously donate clothing, food, household & personal items, solely for the purpose of providing assistance to individuals and families experiencing poverty, hardship, or in need of disaster relief.

Our Mission

The focus of The Truth Sanctuary is to build and maintain a stronger, healthier community by providing food, personal goods and household items to those experiencing poverty.

 Our products are donated by national & local companies through an intermediary organizations who connect retailers & manufacturers with non-profits. We in turn ensure that these products are given directly to individuals and families in need. Our goal is to narow the gap of inequity. 


"The Truth Sanctuary helps with natural, personal disasters"

Profile from the Yakima Herald-Republic, January 10, 2022

“Our primary objective is to reduce suffering and empower self-worth and independence to individuals and families in Yakima County who are experiencing financial hardship due to unemployment, insufficient income, homelessness, domestic violence, health issues or other disasters,” Cicero said.

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